Janey Godley’s comedy overdub perfectly ridiculed these GB News presenters’ rampant misogyny

We regret to inform you that there’s a clip of GB News presenters Connor Tomlinson and self-IDed man-of-the-cloth Calvin Robinson on the Lotus Eaters podcast, airing their up-to-the-minute views on women – if that minute was in 1951.

“These so-called Conservative women, or girls, that put photographs of themselves online with – exposing too much skin – even if they’re not showing any skin …”

“Oh, the ‘Titty Tories’, yeah.”

“Even if they’re not showing anything, it’s like ‘Here I am. Am I pretty? Please like me.”

It got exactly the reception you’d expect.

The wonderful Janey Godley was astonished.

In true Janey style, she used her talent for comedy overdubbing to tell us what was going on in Calvin’s fevered brain. Or brain-adjacent.

The satire shouldn’t be less unhinged than the real clip, yet here we are. Tweeters loved it.

To sum up …


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