This pedestrian’s hilarious response to coming across an escaped zebra is 6 seconds well spent

The good people of Seoul had an unexpected visitor when a zebra escaped from the city’s zoo and wandered the streets for the best part of three hours.

The zebra – a male named Sero who was born in the zoo in 2021 – was eventually tranquillised and returned to the zoo, where none of its fellow animals are believing a word of his story.

We mention it because this particular 6 second clip has gone viral and it’s an unexpected treat. Especially unexpected for the pedestrian …

‘Today a zebra escaped a zoo in Korea and this happened,’ said Redditor lama22.

Today a zebra escaped a zoo in Korea and this happened
by u/lama22 in funny

And our favourite things people said about it.

‘My man just watched Jumanji and noped out of there real quick.’

‘His nope response time is on point.’

‘I didn’t sign up for this horse-shit.’

‘It’s the hands behind the back that really signify his thoughts at this time. “You see, this is exactly the sort of shit why I don’t go outside. One time, and this is what happens. I need to figure this out man. But at home. Time to go back home.”

“Think I’ll go lef… nope!”

‘I love how calmly he walks away.’

‘I don’t really need to go outside today’

And this person was especially eagle (zebra) eyed.

‘Based on the pile of equine poop on the street, I’m guessing the Zebra was kind of hanging in that area for awhile. Almost looked the the guy was like, “is it safe to go out, now? nope!”

Source Reddit u/lama22