Matt Walsh claims women don’t help each other in public toilets – which raised a question

CW: transphobia

Right-wing commentator, Matt Walsh hates trans people.

We won’t share the more extreme things he’s said on the matter, but in a recent protracted rant, he complained that trans woman and TikToker Dylan Mulvaney had said that she carries sanitary products in case they’re needed by other women.

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As well as the usual tropes you’d expect him to fall back on (which he did), that well-known expert on what women do or don’t do claimed that a woman wouldn’t ask another woman for tampons in a public toilet – or even for toilet paper, if their stall had none.

Wrong and wrong again. But his weird assumption did raise another question, which was posed by TikToker @sammyjaydon.

@sammyjaydon #stitch with @Matt Walsh seriously boys, is this matt fella correct?! #transphobia #men #bathroom ♬ Paris – Else

“What happens to make that okay, so you can pull everything back up and walk out into public again?

Because this raises the possibility that you just think ‘Oh, well. I’ll just manage.’ and pull up your trousers and walk away.”

We’d sort of morbidly like to know what Matt Walsh would say about that, but we suspect it could be quite mentally scarring. Instead, we took a look at some of the 8000 comments left on Sammy Jay’s posts.

I’ve done men’s laundry. It all makes sense now.

Exactly what I was wondering! And ewwww. Gross.

You have to check the TP on your way in …we aren’t allowed to talk to each other.
Mike Hines

We also ask people to hold the door closed if the locks are broken.
Matilda Mae

I’m 57 and I’ve been passing toilet paper for a good 52 years. Now I’m in menopause and I carry tampons for the young ladies lol.

Having asked the question, Sammy took the trouble to analyse the answers – and this presentation is a thing of comedic beauty, but not for the faint of heart or weak of stomach.

@sammyjaydon Replying to @Adkwitch dont say i never give you anything. In this case its the world’s oddest data collection exercise #men #bathroom #answer ♬ original sound – Sammy Jay

Oh … OH NO!

TikTok users very much appreciated the effort.

A chart. Your commitment to the admin is top notch, Madame.
Kat McKinney416

Oh, the algorithm brought me back for answers I didn’t really want.
True Knows

I absolutely thought the answer was going to turn out to be “nothing”.

No. How did it gradually get worse?

If my husband ever goes missing, there’s a v.high chance he is sitting in a paperless toilet cubicle in poopy shame. He would rather die than ask.

Now ask them if they wash their hands.

If we have to know this – you do, too.

OK but do they flush the sock?? Throw a poopy sock in the bin?

Quite a lot of cleaners were clear on this. They leave it wedged somewhere.

Someone named User had this grim leap of logic.

Finally we have an answer to where the missing socks go.

Sammy Jay said what we were all thinking.

I’ll be honest. It wasn’t the one I wanted.

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