Saturday Kitchen was even spicier than usual with some accidental innuendo

Brewer and sommelier Jaega Wise had Saturday Kitchen guests and viewers cracking up over a little accidental innuendo. TV critic Scott Bryan shared the moment.

“The way we taste… we swallow in comparison to wine – you guys spit a lot.”

“It’s one of the reasons why we swallow, because we want to make sure the tongue is fully coated. So we never spit, we always swallow.”

Scott added –

Host Matt Tebbutt seemed baffled.

“What has happened? Can you concentrate?

He obviously has much less of a dirty mind than everyone else. And if, like Matt, you need us to explain what they were laughing at, you’re too innocent to know.

There was another comedy moment in the same episode, when Alison Roman suddenly vanished after apparently mistaking the wine table for her seat. No chefs were hurt during the making of this video.

Perhaps that’s why Jaega dropped the innuendo. She was just being a good friend and taking the heat.


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