The payoff to the video of this sticker-loving motorist is irony defined, car excellence

Look up the definition of irony in your dictionary and you won’t find this, because it’s a video, obviously.

But it’ll do the job just as well. Even better, in fact because, well, best have a watch for yourself …

‘Oh the irony,’ said davidwallacecto who shared it over on Reddit. Keep watching …

Oh the irony
by u/davidwallacecto in facepalm

Didn’t see that coming (okay, you probably did) and let’s hope it wasn’t a too serious accident.

‘Oh I am sure the car in front must have reversed into them at speed …’

‘It happens.’

‘People with these stickers are spending more time looking out the back window than the front.’

‘From the way some people drive, I am 100% convinced some people spend their day driving around with no intended destination, just out to piss other people off.’

‘There’s a car at my school with a sticker like that. Whole car has scratches and missing parts all around. I don’t think other drivers are the issue.’

And also this

‘Driving Pro Tip: those amazing brakes of yours work better when you look forward instead of living to antagonize the people behind you.’

Source Reddit u/davidwallacecto