This is a real photo of a bird standing at the edge of water and it’s blowing people’s minds

Optical illusion is surely this, a photo of a bird which has gone wildly viral on Reddit for reasons which will become obvious.

‘This is a real picture taken by photographer Keinichi Ohno. It’s a single photo of a bird standing at the edge of some water with a wall and its reflection creating a fascinating optical illusion,’ said Canes-Venaticii who shared it.

And it’s a proper mind-blower.

Took us far too long to get it, and some people are still trying.

‘Took me a while for my brain to process this, really cool :)’

‘Interestingly because our eyes are drawn to the bird, our perspective gets all fucked up. But if you look at top of the picture where the left edge of the wall meets the edge of the picture, our perspective changes and our brain is able to process it correctly!’

‘Nope can’t process shit captain.’

The photograph is called ‘Gap’ and was captured by Japanese photographer Kenichi Ohno. It was a ‘special selection winner’ in the Japanese Nature’ photo competition run by the The All-Japan Association of Photographic Societies.

And if you can’t either, this article here might help …

Source Reddit u/Canes-Venaticii