This six-year-old’s cartwheel to first base sent her wildly viral

Over on Instagram, Sal DiGirolamo posted a clip of his six-year-old daughter Mattea, playing in the Tee Ball division of their local Little League. He wrote –

“There’s no cartwheels in baseball!!!!”

That’s how to get to first base in style.

Could the cartwheel be any more perfect 💜
Beth Lanai

There WILL BE cartwheels in baseball, thanks to this little lady. Cutest thing ever!! 😍

New rule: if you do a cartwheel and reach first base, you automatically skip to 2nd.

As well as featuring on ESPN’s SportsCenter and TV news across the US, Mattea’s cartwheel made it to Twitter.

This is good advice, which we think Mattea is already living.


Everyone forgot how to play at the same time and it’s the best 20 seconds of baseball we’ve ever seen

Source Sal DiGirolamo Image Sal DiGirolamo