Joe Lycett had the best response to BBC chair Richard Sharp’s belated resignation

BBC chair Richard Sharp has resigned – finally – after he breached rules on public appointments by failing to declare his role in a secret £800,000 loan made to Boris Johnson.

It’s been obvious to nearly everyone but Sharp these last few months that he would have to go, but he finally quit today, saying his continued presence at the BBC ‘may well be a distraction from the corporation’s good work’. Yeah, that and everything else, Richard.

Former PM Johnson was unusually quiet when asked about it today.

And we mention it because his departure prompted lots of totally on-point responses.

But the best response – and not for the first time – came from Joe Lycett.

It’s turning into something of an evergreen response. Remember this in response to another recent BBC saga?

Here’s what Lycett’s current Friday night broadcast home had to say in response …

And in the unlikely event you need reminding (or just want to enjoy it again …)

If it’s got you in the mood for this sort of thing, here are another 9 times the fabulous Lycett made our day better.

Source Twitter @joelycett