Watch this basketball star pause a press conference to take a phone call from his ‘Mommy’

Basketball star Bam Adebayo was happily answering journalist’s questions after his team, Miami Heat, beat the NY Knicks.

When his phone rang, he didn’t hesitate to hold up proceedings, because the person calling was his mother.

Watch what happened.

@bbcsport 📱Bam Adebayo had to take the call 😁 #NBA #BamAdebayo #MiamiHeat #Basketball ♬ original sound – BBC Sport

“Hi Mommy. Yes. No. I’m in media.”

TikTok users loved his priorities.

I love that he didn’t apologise either, like the press were the distraction.
Shelly Bobbins

This young man has his priorities in order!! Good job🥰🥰🥰

Just beautiful😊and refreshing to see🤗😍
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She raised him to be the man he is. The love is there!

We don’t play about our sons & daughters. U alive? Answer my call😏🙃

RESPECT TO HIM for not declining

Bro just said “Hi Mommy” in the most manly way possible. Respect.

Just like a Mom!😂 You tell her you doing something and she keep going.😂

There was a very different vibe when Neil Lennon answered journalist Michael Grant‘s phone during a Celtic press conference.


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