Brian Cox had the best response to sewage swimming Tory MP Damian Green

As you’ll probably already be aware by now, Britain’s waterways and coastline is currently – and let’s be frank about it – full of shit.

The sterling campaigning work of people like Feargal Sharkey – @Feargal_Sharkey on Twitter – has helped make this a headline issue.

So much so that today water companies in England apologised for repeated sewage spills and pledged to invest £10bn this decade in a too little, too late bid to quell widespread fury over pollution.

And we mention all this because senior Conservative MP and former minister Damian Green went on ITV last night to tell everyone he really didn’t understand what the fuss was about.

Because, well, back in the day, he used to swim in the stuff for fun, apparently. Well, something like that.

And it got no end of fabulously on-point responses, but surely no-one said it better than Professor Brian Cox.


To conclude …

Source Twitter @ProfBrianCox