This TikToker’s perfect parody of anti-Pride bigots is today’s funniest thing

As Pride Month approaches, stores and brands are lining up to join in the fun – and, if we’re honest, to boost their profits. You can’t just taste the rainbow, you can wear the rainbow, send the rainbow and decorate your home with the rainbow.

In a now-deleted video, a woman named Kaylee shared her outrage at some of the Pride-themed lines in Target.

She ranted about various items, such as baby vests with rainbows – the horror – as well as Pride cards and, most controversially, a two-piece trans-friendly swimsuit from the adult Pride collection.

Here’s how one person reacted to her moral panic.

@the_paulmighty @Kaylee #lgbtq #lgbtqia #lgbtqiaplus #lgbtq🏳️‍🌈 #pride #pridemonth #foryou #fyp ♬ original sound – the_paulmighty

It probably explains why she deleted the original.

The Target Pride collection attracted so much attention from bigots that the company had to remove some of the lines, just to protect their staff. This clip shows just what they were up against – and how to handle it.

That wasn’t the only store attracting culture warmongers with a grudge against rainbows. Kohl’s department store also went on the list for their Pride products.

@brave_books Its a no for me. #kohls #agenda #woke #protectthechildren #boycott #overit #momsoftiktok #dadsoftiktok #parenting ♬ original sound – Brave_Books

Funny TikToker, Mindy Cayer, played them at their own game, with this hilariously conspiratorial version of a bigot’s stroll through Kohl’s.

@mindycayer I won’t be shopping here, anymore #indoctrination #protectourchildren #pariots #targetpridecollection2023 #lgbtq #gtfoh ♬ original sound – Mindy Cayer

‘A pair of pears. Like a pair of balls. On a girl’s onesie! It’s disgusting.

Penguin with a scarf. Metro. Basically transgender.’

It can’t be easy to satirise people who say really ridiculous things, but we thought Mindy nailed it – and so did these people.

I love you guys for posting this stuff! Our country is turning into something that I just don’t understand ☹️
Marcia Maddocks Inge

LOVE THIS! You are gold.

😂 Nike … 😂 This was awesome!!!!!!
Renee Jewell

😂😂😂 Very clever and so funny.

This is hilarious! I had to wait a bit to like it so I could make sure I don’t end up on the wrong algorithm. Lol!
Jaclie Yukubousky

I’m standing and clapping for you, and I was on the toilet! 😂😂 Fantastic!
The Corny Cactus

Pamcakes76 said –

Unfortunately they will think you are being serious 🤣😂

Sure enough …

Are you being for real or joking??!?!!???

This was Mindy’s response.

@mindycayer Replying to @morgielara send me a dm so we can plan #targetpridecollection #liberalsoftiktok #tooeasy #republicansareidiots #lgbtq ♬ original sound – Mindy Cayer

And there was this …

@mindycayer Replying to @Brandy Sigman give me a pad of paper for my list #lgbtq #ohhoney #blessyourheart #sarcasm #kohls ♬ original sound – Mindy Cayer

We love her commitment to the bit.

If you have TikTok, we highly recommend you follow Mindy so you won’t miss out on her quality content.


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