Take your mind off the heat by watching what happens when you pour a Coke in Antarctica

Matty Jordan, a project manager with New Zealand’s Antarctic Program, has gone massively viral after sharing what happened when he tried to pour a can of Coke in -57 degree temperatures.

@mattykjordan I tried to pour a can of coca cola in Antarctica. It was -57°c and it turns out im having frozen coke instead. #antarctica #antarctic #coke #cocacola #cola #cocacolachallenge #slushy #slushie ♬ original sound – Matty Jordan | Antarctica

The video has been viewed 69 million times in five days, with almost 40,000 comments. Here are some favourites.

Very cool…almost Iike another planet.

It feels like it some times.
Matty Jordan

Oh I need to see this happen because that’s awesome.

Do you want ice and a slice of lemon with that?

Pepsi wouldn’t do that🙂.

Matty Jordan

I like it. Picasso. 🤌
Jen L

Well, at least y’all don’t need machines to make a slushie. 🤷‍♂️🤣

Warmest day in northern Minnesota.

This is so cool. Literallllllllllllly.

Craig was having trouble wrapping his head around it.

My head can’t fathom how cold that must feel.

Matty replied –

Yeah it’s incomprehensible until you feel it, and then it’s as cold as you imagined it would be 😂.

This video of Antarctic midday should help the imagination.

@mattykjordan We had a small snow storm last night that has left New Zealand’s Scott Base looking absolutely beautiful today. The clear sky means we can see the moon (who was hiding behind snow clouds yesterday) We love the moon. It reminds us that we’re still on planet earth. #antarctica #antarctic #earth #moon #midday #polarnight #dark #scottbase ♬ original sound – Matty Jordan | Antarctica


This ‘bubble freezing’ is very beautiful

Source Matty Jordan Image Screengrab