This landlord’s lack of self-awareness will have you hollering into next week

There’s a corner of Reddit called ‘self-aware wolves’ which describes itself as a place for posts ‘where people unknowingly describe themselves’.

And they surely don’t come much more textbook than this.

‘Hook, line, and stinker,’ said danman5550 who shared it.


‘Damn, poetry really wrote itself with this one.’

‘Yeah this one is so so good. Classic self-aware wolves post.

‘Even the IRS considers rental income to be “passive” income lmao.’

‘Friendly reminder that the the term “unskilled” pertaining to the workforce is bullshit. Every job requires a unique set of skills necessary to complete it. Ditch digging, burger flipping, trash collecting, retail, medicine, IT, all of it require some type of training and knowledge specific to the task.

‘The term “unskilled worker” was coined to justify paying employees the bare minimum.’

‘My mother wanted to buy a second home and thought she should get a tax break for contributing to the economy.

‘The fetishization of investing as the ultimate form of fiscal intelligence runs very strong.’

Source Reddit u/danman5550