This manager wasn’t taking ‘I’m sick’ for an answer and got all the responses they deserved

The corner of Reddit called ‘antiwork’ is full of bosses you’re very glad you don’t work for (and if you do, then commiserations).

And this is a classic of the genre from the very top drawer, one particular manager who wasn’t taking ‘I’m sick’ for an answer and got all the responses they deserved.

This Fast Food employ got fired for this,’ said Intelligent_Long1963 who shared it.

And the so-called boss got all the responses they deserved.

‘Does it not occur to these people that they will still have to cover the shift after firing the sick employee.’

‘The first mistake you made was expecting them to being able to think like a reasonable person.’

‘You’re the manager?

‘YOU find someone to work.’

‘Honestly… I would go into work and throw up all over the place.

‘Then when get fired take legal action that I was forced to come in when they knowingly allowed me to work while sick.’

‘Oh gee, where will he find another fast food job when everyone is looking for employees? We don’t have enough people to fill shifts so let’s fire someone because they need a sick day. So illogical.’

‘In 2018 I worked at a security company and we had this policy of finding someone to cover our shift. I got my coworker to accept the shift but she quit the morning I started my vacation.

‘I just got to my gate at the airport when I got a call from my manager telling me I had to come in to work later that afternoon. I told him I was flying out of the country in 20 min.

‘There was silence for a little bit on the phone. It was clear that he was expecting me to voluntarily leave so I can come into work.

‘I decided to break the silence by saying “if you were on vacation and mere moments from boarding your plane when you get a call from your boss telling you not to get on the plane and come back to work for $18 an hour, would you leave the airport?”

‘And he truthfully said no so I said “well there’s your answer then. He said fair enough and I was expecting to be fired after that but it didn’t happen.’

And finally – and most of all – this.

‘I’d say go into work to prove a point.

‘Oops I vomited in the fryer. Oops I tossed my cookies on the customers. Oops I puked on my boss’s car.’

Source Reddit u/Intelligent_Long1963