Johnny Mercer was the polar opposite of ‘gracious in defeat’ and this most cordial response said it best

We try not to watch too much of Conservative MP Johnny Mercer, who manages the rare trick of being so awful it makes you nostalgic for Dominic Raab.

But in this case we’ll make an exception, after his response to Labour’s biggest ever by-election victory was the polar opposite of gracious in defeat.

Labour’s Keir Mather becomes the Commons’ youngest MP, aged just 25, after he overturned a 20,000 vote Conservative majority in Selby and Ainsty.

And Mercer’s response was everything you’d expect of the man – and less.

And while these people all nailed it …

… surely no-one said it than Labour MP Baroness Chapman, straight to his face on Sky News.

To conclude, this.

And this.

Oh go on then, and this.

In five words …

Or, if you prefer it particularly straight talking.

Source Twitter @SamCoatesSky