Gary Lineker had the very best response to featuring in the Mail’s ‘Woke List 2023’

To the world of the Mail on Sunday – no, stick with us, please – where the paper proudly unveiled its ‘Woke List 2023’.

It was dedicated, the paper said, to ‘Britons who are most high profile in their awokedness to perceived injustices in society – but who have also been accused of haring an exaggerated fixation with such issues’.

Peak weasel words there from the Mail. Here’s what it looked like.

And this is what it had to say about Match of the Day man, Gary Lineker.

‘Mouthpiece of the metropolitan chattering classes – interpreting the term ‘commentator’ to sound off about everything from Brexit to climate change.

‘As the BBC’s highest paid star (salary £1.35 million) he has likened the Tory Government’s immigration policy to something out of Nazi Germany.’

And we mention it because Lineker had the very best response.


Except it is, obviously.

We especially liked LBC presenter James O’Brien’s response.

And this is why …

We loved this response too.

Last word, as ever on all matters woke, goes to the great Kathy Burke.

Source Twitter @GaryLineker