This woman dumped her boyfriend after watching Barbie together and it’s quite the wild ride

It’s fair to say that not every man has appreciated the Barbie movie, as perfectly captured by the great @TechnicallyRon over on Twitter.

And we mention it because of this story shared by notalaskakidd over on Reddit, whose boyfriend disliked it so much that she ended up dumping him.

She turned to the corner of Reddit called ‘am I the asshole’ because she was worried that she had done the wrong thing. Here’s what she had to say.

And it turned out she need not have worried. Here’s just a flavour of the things people said in response.

‘U can break up for any reason you want to.

‘And he is a big boy he can take care of himself.’

‘Sorry he lacked the Kenergy to step up when he needed to.

‘I know it hurts right now, but you absolutely did the right thing.’

‘It’s not because of the movie. It’s because you kicked him out because of his views about the movie and other things.

‘But that doesn’t really matter. You had a right to kick him out and you don’t have any responsibility for what happens after that. NTA.’


And there was later an update, just in case you were worried about what had happened to him.

To conclude …

‘Did not see this coming. What a kenundrum.’

And this.

‘You should celebrate with a barbieque.’

Source Reddit u/notalaskakidd H/T Buzzfeed