Took us far too long to work out what’s going on here and it’s quite the optical illusion

Once you see it, you see it. It’s just that it took us far too long to … see it.

It’s a video that’s just gone viral on Reddit, the less introduction (probably) the better.

‘This Took my brain longer than it should have.. ,’ said syrameta who posted it.

This Took my brain longer than it should have..
by u/syrameta in BeAmazed

And we’re glad it wasn’t just us. What a fab thing though!

‘My brain is not braining.’

‘A house like structure on the ground, and a slightly slanted giant mirror.’

‘oh dude f-cking thank you I was like what the hell am I seeing.’

‘I like the coordinated movements between the folks on the wall, and the folks on the floor to really sell the illusion!’

‘Mirrors are awesome but they are portals to hell and other places. I don’t want to see what what could come through one of that size.’

Source Reddit u/syrameta