This American had a ‘butter hack’ for sandwiches and it sent jaws dropping everywhere (except the US)

Despite everything that the two countries have in common, we’re well aware that there are also many cultural differences between the UK and the United States.

We’ve written about them so often, you’d be disappointed if we didn’t.

And yet this is one that has so far passed us by. Until now. At least, we think it had, unless the whole thing is an elaborate joke, obviously.

It’s an American TikToker called Amanda Rollins who shared her kitchen ‘hack’ for putting butter on sandwiches. And whichever level you’re taking it on, it’s a proper jaw-dropper.

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Here’s a little bit of what she had to say.

‘It occurred to me that French people do something very weird with sandwiches that I think you guys would find strange. This is butter.

‘What they do, it’s like a classic sandwich. It’s ham, cheese, and butter. Anyone outside the US would probably agree that butter on a sandwich is totally normal.

‘But for many it’s a brand new food hack that they’re just discovering for the first time.’

‘Now this concept is totally new for me and I gotta say I like it. It provides flavor and moisture to your sandwich but it doesn’t make your sandwich soggy like mayo can.’

It’ll never catch on, Amanda!

And here are our favourite things people said about it over on TikTok.

‘Who doesn’t use butter in their sandwich? ‘

‘In the Uk, we also add milk to our cereal.’
Leon T. Howitt

‘The USA is another world I stg.’
Te Aroha

‘How on earth is that strange?’
Anjamanee Ellul

‘Everyone that isn’t from America eats a sandwich/baguette like that ‘

‘Is it healthy? no. but mayonnaise is? ‘

‘How is that crazy it’s the most simple basic sandwich.’

‘Why is butter weird? That’s wbat we do in the UK! It’s a normal thing! ‍♀️’

‘I can’t think of anything worse than a sandwich without butter ‘

‘That’s… a completely normal way to make a sandwich??’
Boodles ❤️

‘Watching as a French person, the surprise is opposite 😉 “Really, they don’t put butter in the US ?!”
Julie Etcheverry

It later went viral on Twitter where @thebigjohnnyd surely spoke for everyone.

Only one question remained …

‘Is this a parody?’
Angie McLean973

Last word to Amanda.

‘I promise you no one in the Us is doing this, at least not on the east coast ‘
Amanda Rollins

Source TikTok @americanfille H/T @thebigjohnnyd