‘How to communicate with an engineer on the ship’ is childish but very funny

There’s a corner of Reddit called ‘contagious laughter’ which does exactly what the name suggests.

And this 34 seconds is from the very top drawer, an example of how to communicate with an engineer on the ship which is childish, but very funny.

That’s how titanic sank they were not paying attention
by u/versace_haze in ContagiousLaughter

Absolutely love that.

‘As someone who uses radios in high noise areas… this is both infuriating and hilarious.’

‘Even better is when you are trying to call something over one and someone keeps transmitting over you over and over so you keep cutting out. Hilarious but infuriating.’

‘I’m sorry but… that is the best video quality of a phone recording a screen that I have ever seen.’

‘It’s all fun and games until you pull that shit with a Nuclear Reactors Engineer.’

Fair point.

Source Reddit u/versace_haze