This very British mannequin prank is 19 seconds to make your day better

Simple but very, very effective, this mannequin prank at a cash point has just gone viral in the corner of Reddit called ‘contagious laughter’ for reasons that will become obvious.

And it’s just the escape from everything else we needed right now.

A Mannequin prank
byu/DronEye inContagiousLaughter

Only thing it was missing was the guy running away in terror when the mannequin flopped backwards onto him.

‘Now this is the kind of prank I can get behind. Literally.’

‘People are so polite they just queue up and not question anything.’

‘Such a hilarious yet harmless prank.’

And just in case you were wondering (or think you recognise it), the cash machine is in Liverpool and the video was taken last year.

Source Reddit u/DronEye