This next-level bowling trick shot is simply striking

We wouldn’t have believed someone could pull off this shot if we hadn’t seen it for ourselves, courtesy of Barstool Sports.

@barstoolsports How did bro do that @pardonmytake ♬ original sound – Barstool Sports

Well done to him. We’d like to know how many recordings show disaster.

It certainly blew a few minds on TikTok.

Im pretty sure there is some sort of dark magic involved in bowling.
Jeremy James

You know bro was alone during his childhood based on this one feat.

Um, how the hell did he do that? Lol amazing.
Kathryn Connolly

What kind of hogwarts magic was that?
Emily Shaffer

Respect to the lane attendant that had to reset the pins manually the first 100 times he practiced this!
Kruger Dunn

Not me ready to try to this next time I go bowling.
Mrs Daniel Larson

The anxiety that gave me waiting for the pin to come down. So many times I’ve hit the bar throwing too early.
Jordan Liam Baker

The Harlem Globetrotter of Bowling.
Kimberley McPherson

Bro went to the lanes and chose to flex.
Big G

We’re going to assume he learnt it from the Disney film Alley Cats Strike. Apologies for the poor quality of the clip.

Angelina had a different suggestion.

It’s something he came up with while thinking about the Roman Empire.


We can’t begin to estimate the odds of this bowling shot

Source Barstool Sports Image Screengrab