‘The Guy Who Decides Cricket’ has stumped everyone with this hilarious explainer

As Jimmy Giggles, Australian comedian Jimmy Rees used to chat to an owl on children’s TV, but has more recently made content aimed at older viewers.

He went viral with his The Guy Who Decides Packaging sketch, which was funny because it’s true, and has hilariously tackled many other topics in the same way since then.

In this reposted video, he takes on the Australian national sport – cricket – just in time for the Men’s Cricket World Cup, currently underway in India.

Pay attention. You might learn something.

@jimmyrees Reposting this in case you need a catch up for the Cricket World Cup #cricket #cricketworldcup #iccworldcup #theguywhodecides ♬ original sound – JimmyRees

“If it hits the batter guy’s leg, and you use your imagination, think ‘Oh, if his leg wasn’t there, then the ball will definitely knock down the stump castle’, then you’re also out.”

Some TikTok users were stumped, while others were bowled over.

This is amazing, as a cricket fan it sounds hilarious when you explain the game this way.

The best drunk description for cricket ever.

This was the most confusing thing ever.

I definitely understand Cricket much less now and I think I need some Tylenol.

I’m American. This is EXACTLY how I described cricket to my friend just the other day.

This really is genius.

It’s so simple!

LBW ‘some imagination’ is the perfect explanation of this rule.
Alastair Clark

I’m English. I live in Canada. They simply cannot comprehend a game that can last 5 days and yet also finish in a tie .
The Machinist

Well if you put it like that…I might just watch it once, lol.
Maharaani Sahiba

To sum up Cricket… you must drink to understand or play Cricket. Cheers!!!
Donna Rooney

If toddlers made up sports, cricket would be it
Lisa Taylor

sierraleenfield either had high praise or has never heard of cricket before. We’re not sure which.

I learned more about cricket in this video than I learned in my entire life.


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