This advice for a CEO not happy with his staff’s efforts went wildly viral again and it’s straight out of the hall of fame

In the takedown hall of fame this is somewhere close to the very top.

It’s a CEO who wanted some advice on how to deal with two employees who by all accounts were working very hard.

Just not hard enough.

It’s just gone viral again on Reddit after it was shared by ItsPwn who said: ‘CEO? Away you go.’

10/10, no notes.

And just a few of the comments it prompted/

“I have two good employees who work when they’re paid to work. How can I coerce them into exploiting themselves?”

‘Do you pay them for the rest of their time? No? Well then, fuck right off.’

‘Imagine getting mad because people did their work in the hours you paid them for?’

‘What a waste of olive oil.’

‘Yeah. More like soak it in lemon juice.’

Source Reddit u/ItsPwn