One woman’s mistake on a driving licence form was disastrous but absolutely hilarious

Comedian, TikTok star and host of the Funny Cuz It’s True podcast, Elyse Myers, went viral back in 2021 when she shared the story of her worst date, in which a man tricked her into buying him 100 tacos.

Her way with an anecdote is pretty spectacular, and it turns her tale of a really costly slip-up when filling out a form into absolute comedy gold.

Fasten your seat belts. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

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‘She said “You can’t just say you lose consciousness behind the wheel and then just go about your day without proving to us that you don’t lose conscousness. That’s not how that works.”‘

The post has picked up more than 300,000 likes in 11 hours, as well as more than 4,000 comments – including these.

My anxiety would be like.. “Well, guess I’m never driving again.”

THE GASP I HAD WHEN THEY SAID START OVER. Happy birthday you’re 16 again
Hailey Sieben

You can look in that crack 20 times and the second you give up and move on ✨BAM✨ there it is. The most frustrating series of events.

Omggg I laughed so hard. Only you, Elyse. Only you.

Ok, this may have been one of your best worst mistakes ever.
Sara Fraley

Saved this video so I can remember to be careful when filling online forms. The consequences!
Vidoushi Sunnassee

Some people had stories of similar mishaps.

When my ex husband renewed his license they accidentally put “Female” & no one noticed. Later he couldn’t change back without a Dr note.

I made the mistake of jokingly telling my doctor that I once had a cigarette, and I am now and forevermore known as a former smoker.

On my dmv form it asked if you had EVER lost consciousness so naturally I said yes and that’s why I was almost 21 when I got my license.

Christine said this –

If you don’t end up with a Netflix series with all these stories as each episode I cannot go on. No-one has this many stories for nothing!!!!

We’d watch the hell out of that,


This worst first date story is a wild ride from start to finish

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