Piers Morgan said he could ‘destroy Louis Theroux in 30 seconds’ and Theroux’s comeback was a total knockout

The great Louis Theroux has got a new series of celebrity interviews coming to the BBC, beginning with the former heavyweight world champion, Anthony Joshua.

We’ve loved Louis since his very first Weird Weekend and this will be required viewing in our house.

And we mention it because in this particular clip, the pair discuss who Louis could possibly box, and the name of Piers Morgan came up. Not only that, Theroux said: ‘I think I could take him.’

And with a grim sense of inevitably it caught the attention of Morgan, who took time out from counting his Talk TV viewers to let Theroux know exactly what he made of that.

And we’re very glad he did, because Theroux’s response was a total knockout.

At which point Morgan was bouncing dazed off the ropes and the referee stepped in to stop the fight.

When he eventually raised himself from the canvas, Morgan responsed with this, but by then the judges had packed up and gone home.

If it’s put you in the mind for a bit more Louis, there’s a whole bunch of him on the iPlayer here! And follow him here.

Source @louistheroux