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If Alfie Boe’s song can’t persuade you that Die Hard is a Christmas film – nothing can

There’s Mariah Carey playing over the supermarket speakers, toy adverts popping up on the internet, and enough chocolate on the shelves to give a blue whale diabetes – if that’s possible. We’re not marine biologists.

It can mean only one thing – it’s time to start arguing about Die Hard again. Is it or isn’t it a Christmas film? Spoiler alert …it is.

With the backing of Disney, the marvellous Alfie Boe (and the Kingdom Choir) have laid out the facts in spectacular style. If this doesn’t persuade you, we’re not sure anything will.

@therealalfieboe Is Die Hard a Christmas movie? I was honoured to get the chance to work with the wonderful @Disney+ team and help settle the age-old debate of whether Die Hard is a Christmas movie, once and for all. Take a listen to our festive retake of Beethoven’s classic 'Ode to Joy’, which I recorded alongside the fabulous Kingdom Choir. Hopefully 'Ode To Die Hard' can convince you of the film's Christmas credentials – Yippee-Ki-Yay! #DisneyPlusUK #OdeToDieHard #DieHardDebate #DieHardIsAChristmasMovie #DieHard #AD ♬ original sound – Alfie Boe

“The only thing missing is a Christmas turkey, but Hans Gruber does get stuffed.”

As much as TikTok users enjoyed the performance, it failed to unite the room.

The last 7 years I have watched die hard on 23 of December and this will continue until my death.
Comrade Kalle

The story could take place at any time of year – the fact it happens to be Christmas makes no difference.

It’s about 1 man trying to save his wife and get home to the kids for Christmas Day. And for the haters Die Hard 2 is also a Christmas movie.

if Die Hard isn’t a Christmas movie then neither is Home Alone by that logic…
Foxy (she or they & hella gay

Brilliant.. this will settle a debate between my wife and I.
Darren Carroll

Die hard is not a Christmas movie (in my opinion) it was released in July, how many Christmas movies are released in July?

It’s my gateway to a season that stresses me out. Once I’ve watched Die Hard, I can relax into the Christmas spirit. Tree and Die Hard on the 2nd.

The director John McTiernan has said that it is a Christmas movie.
Cuddly Lee

According to Phil Whiteman (Okay, and us) there was only one way this could have been better.

Why was I waiting for Alfie to sing yippee Ki yay mother****** at the end . That would definitely have been epic.

And remember, kids – it’s not Christmas until you see Hans Gruber fall from the Nakatomi Plaza – and not just in a gif.


The brilliantly festive new trailer for Die Hard proves it’s a Christmas movie

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