Grant Shapps and Lee Anderson told Gary Lineker to ‘stick to football’ and were owned into next season

As you might already know, Gary Lineker is one of many people to have put their names to a letter calling on Rishi Suank to drop his government’s determination to pursue his Rwanda policy.

Lineker is no stranger to sharing his opinions on Twitter and a very valuable contributor to any debate he is too.

Except not everyone is happy about it. People like Conservative MP Jonathan Gullis, for example, who suggested (incorrectly) that Lineker had broken BBC guidelines,

Here’s what the presenter had to say in response, and rather fabulous it was too.

And Gullis wasn’t the only Tory MP taking aim at Lineker. Here’s defence secretary Grant Shapps sharing his thoughts, such as they are.

And Lineker’s response might even be better than his takedown of Gullis.

Shots fired, Mr Secretary of Defence!

But still it wasn’t over, the most usual of the usual suspects – Lee ’30p’ Anderson – joining in.

And Lineker summarily dealt with him too.


Here’s what James O’Brien had to say about the whole thing …

And there was also this, from Lineker’s old nemesis.

And finally, just in case Shapps or Anderson or Gullis or anyone else was wondering, this!

Source @GaryLineker