James Cleverly’s nonsensical answer why Rishi Sunak’s Rwanda policy will now work is even more jaw-dropping written down

The government’s Rwanda bill passed its first Parliamentary vote on Tuesday night but it remains to be seen just how it will make Rishi Sunak’s cherished policy actually become legal in the eye of the courts.

Good Morning Britain presenter Ed Balls was keen to find out and who better to ask than foreign – sorry – Home Secretary James Cleverly who would surely have all the answers.

It’s quite the listen.

And it’s even more extraordinary written down (we’ve transcribed it so you don’t have to).

Ed Balls: ‘If there was a coup in Rwanda two days after it became law, what would happen?’

James Cleverly: ‘If the bill, sorry, if the treaty that we signed with Rwanda, in the same way that if there are treaties signed with other countries, if the treaty on which the bill, er, so the bill supports the treaty, the treaty addresses the reasons that the Supreme Court, er, said that they felt Rwanda at this point er, in time, and they were talking about details from 18 months ago.

‘The treaty addresses the specific points of the Supreme Court, the bill refers to the treaty, if the treaty is being upheld then for the purposes of asylum processing Rwanda is treated as safe. In the same way …’

It was at this point that Balls simply couldn’t take anymore, and thank goodness for that. Cleverly moaned that he’d been interrupted but, let’s face it, he was given a good crack at it.

Absolute balls.

Source @g_gosden @GMB