Jamie Dornan’s revenge on his ‘rude’ friends was hilarious – and a little bit evil

Jamie Dornan is back on our screens in season two of the hit show The Tourist, set in Ireland this time, after his character manages to escape with his life from Australia. If you haven’t watched the first season – sorry about the spoiler.

As Jamie did the media rounds to chat about the show, he shared a funny anecdote with Kiss FM.

@kissfmuk Don’t mess with Jamie Dornan and his honorary Doctorate #kissfm #thetourist #jamiedornan #revenge ♬ original sound – KISS

We reckon he wins that round, but might have to watch his back for a while. His story got the thumbs up from TikTok users.

What an iconic and such an Irish way to get back at friends.

His wee laugh saying he told them it was smart casual.
The Nail House

Brilliant, I love this!!

Imagine not thinking a QUEENS honorary Dr ceremony would be black tie.
Claire Gallagher

I frickin love Jamie Dornan. Always has the best stories.
Nora O’Sullivan

Irish grudge is real.

Get in!!! Totally on board!

What have you done… “made you look foolish, thats what”.

He’s so savage LMAO.

Lucy Valencia summed it up.

Aspirational level of assholery.


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