The Conservative Post complained to Elon Musk that Tories keep getting community notes – and got community noted

There aren’t that many parts of the site formerly known as Twitter that are functioning reliably since the takeover by Elon Musk, but one that seems to be thriving is Community Notes.

These can be added to a post to correct misinformation, and the note itself is rated by those who read it.

It has recently seen Priti Patel called out for feigning concern about the Horizon Post Office IT scandal after not mentioning it for the last decade, and Rishi Sunak corrected both for claiming to have cut taxes and for trying to take the credit for a drop in inflation.

In fact, several prominent Conservatives have been called out by this feature for making false claims, and the web-based magazine Conservative Post isn’t a bit happy.

Dear @elonmusk
, Please help! The UK's Labour Party are getting Community Notes published in their favour. Despite the fact these notes are often wrong as verified by leading barristers such as @SBarrettBar
.  We've an election this year. What do you advise we do? Kind Regards (Union Jack emoji)

The people who have signed up to write Community Notes had the opportunity to do the funniest thing. So they did.

Community Notes aim to create a better informed world by people on X to add context to potentially misleading posts. Contributors can leave notes on any post, if enough contributors from different points of view rate that note as helpful it’ll then be shown on X.

The Secret Barrister added this note of their own regarding Conservative Post contributor and ‘leading barrister’ mentioned in the plea to Musk – Steven Barrett.

The Post’s plea to Musk was met with exactly the scorn you’d expect.













There hasn’t been a response from Musk, at the time of writing, so Nick Newman had to use his imagination.


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