An airline shared news of an all-female flight crew and the misogynists lost their tiny minds

A recent post by author and flight attendant Heather Poole drew people’s attention to a disappointing statistic.

It caught the attention of some irritated individuals – like these.

Pine Baron tweet - It’s a good start but I bet we can get down to 5% at most if we really focus.. Heather's reply - You probably have plenty of time to do that in your mother’s basement.

So what?

Probably even less women pick up garbage.

Are we rushing to get them into that job, too?

Feminist equality is only when women are able to occupy high ranking positions that are in air-conditioned spaces. 

Men built the world they enjoy. I look forward to women being reminded of that soon one day.

Just a couple of days later, Southwest Airlines celebrated an all-female crew with this positive post.

All-female flight crew? Go off, queens!

You won’t be surprised to learn that Southwest was inundated with replies very similar to those on Heather Poole’s post.

This sample shows what they were up against.

Has an all male Southwest crew photo ever been posted?

Good thing jets don’t parallel park

Can you please put a heart stickers on the planes and tickets so we know when NOT to fly?

Nooooooooo!!!! Don’t get on the plane!!!!

Meeting a quota is the most important thing, not safety! Thanks Southwest!

me just seconds after boarding and seeing this. Plus a screenshot from LOTR of Theoden saying I take my leave

1. The pilots are white, this is lack of diversity. 
2. The pilots are young women in late 20s early 30s. That too young and probably not much experience. 
3. Women are bad drivers, they cannot fly that’s why 99% of pilots are men. 
4. Where is the all men flight crew?

We love the smell of testosterone mixed with tears in the morning. Here’s what other people had to say.












Christian Christensen captured the essence of the bigotry at play.


17 times men ignored women and got entirely what was coming to them

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