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Korean Billy explaining the Scots word ‘bawbag’ is the language tutorial we didn’t know we needed

Actor, interpreter and social media star Korean BillySeong-Jae Kong – made his name on YouTube as an expert on British dialects and accents – most famously Scouse.

Pretty impressive – and very handy if you want to go for a brekkie in Liverpool and visit someone in the ozzy. Billy is now on TikTok, and he’s recently tackled the Scots word ‘bawbag’ as only he could. It’s nothing short of hilarious.


♬ original sound – KoreanBilly

Let’s face it, his accent is as good as Mel Gibson‘s was in Braveheart – and the information is considerably more accurate.

Here’s what TikTok users thought of the lesson.

This is peak TikTok content. My people are being represented.

Scottish and pissing myself laughing at this.
Sam MacNeilage

I remember when Scotland got hit by its first hurricane. We nicknamed it Bawbag.

Need to lengthen the awww a bit more bawww- bag.

Big man it’s bawbag not bowbag.
L Skinn

Remember to always to use it if you are in conversation with the police, they will love you and help in anyway they can.

I don’t know who Korean Billy is but love him already.

Some Scots in the comments wanted to make sure Billy didn’t mislead everyone.

No we don’t use it for endearment.
Pirate Queen Vi

Naw.. why did u say the last part Irish? Also yes it can mean ur friends but it can be a diss.
Honey Whyte

It could work in the context you mean but bawbag could be replaced with any insult. It’s about tone.

Depends on how it’s said. It can be a bad thing too.

It’s an insult. Always.

Tony Milne had an important correction.

Scots is a language not a dialect ya wee bawbag.

If neither YouTube nor TikTok are your thing, Korean Billy can also be found on Instagram.


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