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People are guessing the first Millennial thing that will be killed by Generation Z – 17 high up the hit list

Get ready, millennials, it’s time for Generation Z to take over the asylum (if they haven’t already, let’s be honest).

And we’re talking socioeconomics (sort of) because Redditor juliankennedy23 just went viral when they asked this.

‘So what do you think will be the first Millennial thing that Generation Z will kill?’

And it prompted lots – and lots – of suggestions. We’ve read them all – well, quite a few of them – so you don’t have to and these 17 were all put close to the top of the Gen Z hit list.


‘Long form videos, you’ll get 30 seconds of shitty vertical video and that’s it.’


‘Going into work on days of sickness or bad weather.

‘COVID fundamentally changed what is socially and technologically possible in this regard and we aren’t going back.
Especially once the bosses themselves start calling off.’


‘Every brewery I go to is just millennials and our kids now so I’m gonna agree with ya there.
We sort of killed stiff corporate culture but I feel like they’re gonna put it down for good.’


‘We’ve tried our damndest to kill off phone calls, but I can easily see my kids finishing the job in the next 10 years.


‘I feel like they’re going to cancel weddings.’




‘They already killed “word art” like Live, Laugh, Love decor. And in that case, thank you, Gen Z. You’ve saved us from ourselves.’


‘I’m glad they are getting away from clothing with large brand names across the front, or brand names showing at all. Not sure if it’s still trending, but I like it.’


‘I’m going to post again in the same thread like a major dimwit but Gen Z has already machine gunned so much office culture.

‘You rarely find a 22 year old working to work these days, or sitting around waiting to be the last one to leave. If they have PTO, they’re taking it, and its nobody’s business why. Of course they overshare and everyone knows why but they arent going to miss fun for work.

‘It’s so refreshing and I’m thrilled every time younger people join the team.’