This next-level fridge from 60 years ago feels like it must be from the future (but it still left some people cold)

This old fridge from 1963 has been going wildly viral on Reddit for reasons which are about to become obvious.

It’s more than 60 years old but it feels like it must be from the future because it’s just so …. good.

‘After 50 years how did we manage to make refrigerators less useful?’ asked nzhmar who shared it.

After 50 years how did we manage to make refrigerators less useful?
byu/nzhmar inBeAmazed

Want one! The only downside is it looks about as big as our entire kitchen.

And it still left some people cold (with occasionally very good reason, it turned out).

‘I had a fridge like that in the basement of a house I in bought in 1998. Fridge was from the 50s or 60s I believe. My electric bill went down about $75 per month when we unplugged it.’

‘Dont think the prize is in the electronics, but in the function.. still possible to have this function with the new more efficient motors/electronics.’

‘I never understood the idea of putting a heated compartment inside a fridges cold area. I guess electricity was so cheap back then that no one cared about something so stupid.’

‘And 50% of their diet was bread and butter.’

‘The shelves are kinda nice but both those and the lazy Susan drawers have a lot of wasted space vs rectangular ones. Plus I can totally picture things tipping over or falling off the back when you swing them out.

‘And my bottom freezer looks almost exactly like that with baskets on the bottom, then a slide out drawer with ice maker.’

‘I used to work on appliances. People would often ask me, how come these don’t last like my mom’s old Maytag washer?

‘I would tell them that in todays dollars, that washer would be about $3000, and uses twice the electricity, and three times the water. That by the dollar, your $500 washer that makes it 8-10 years, is a better return than buying a $3000 washer that lasts 40.

‘Refrigerators, though, are kinds dumb. From an engineering/simplicity point of view, putting the freezer on top is the best way to go.’

‘I would still run this thing as a daily if it wasn’t so power hungry. Great design.’

‘Nice the shelves move so I can knock over everything in the fridge.’

Source u/nzhmar