A woman recorded the things her fiancee says in his sleep and it got people sharing the weird things their partners say

This woman went viral on Reddit after she shared all the things her fiancé says in his sleep and it’s quite the read.

Turns out he talks more with the lights out than we sometimes do in an entire day. We like to think we make a bit more sense though …

‘Things my fiancé says in his sleep that I started documenting,’ said Concertcat24.

And it prompted no end of comments, including from people who shared the weird things their own partners say.

‘My husband said in his sleep “It’s a spur of the moment deal. Kinda like tornadoes.”

” I see where you roost, I see where it goes down ”

‘This is so vaguely ominous.’

‘I asked my husband if he loved me in his sleep and he said “of course I love you George Washington.”’

‘My husband often laughs in his sleep. Imagine waking up in the middle of the night to a creepy ominous laughter.’

‘My ex used to wake up to me pointing both my arms up in the air while sleeping, and she didn’t have the strength to pull them back down, the first time she eventually woke me up she was nearly in tears with fright.

‘Laughing would be a lot more terrifying though I think.’

‘When my ex and i were in a hotel, he woke me up by flailing and said in his sleep, “we’re in the ghost part of the room.” yeah, thanks for that, dude.’

‘My boyfriend was dead asleep, rolled over, and asked me “HOW MANY CATS ARE ON MY LEGS RIGHT NOW???!”
Zero. There were zero cats on his legs.’

‘I used to sleep walk and talk all the time in my sleep. Once I apparently woke my girlfriend up grabbed her pillow and started punching it.

‘Scared and worried she asked what I was doing, I told her I needed to kill it to get the sword for the elephant. Other times I’ve woken up in various rooms and even in the bathtub. Thankfully it seems I just mumble to myself now.’

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