The next level answers to this Dublin radio quiz are a very funny listen

If you only listen to one radio phone-in quiz, then make it this one, these two contestants’ answers to a Dublin radio quiz which are a very funny listen.

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Now, like a lot of people we’re presuming it’s not quite so straightforward as that – it can’t be, surely! – but it still made us giggle at the end of a long week.

Here are just a few of the comments over on TikTok.

‘Please tell me there’s a sudden death part .’

‘August finished me .’

‘omg pmsl, especially with the second player came on Q Jackman lol.’
Elaine Downey O’reil

‘The whole point is you give the wrong answers .’

‘That the whole idea of the quiz…believe it or not.’

Now it makes sense! And maybe it’s tricker than that sounds? Meaning these two contestants were actually quite good?

We’re stopping there before we disappear entirely down the rabbit hole. Still very funny.

‘love this is hilarious .’

‘This will never get old.’

Source TikTok @dublindelboybackup