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This fabulous Harry Hill clip has just gone viral and it’s exactly what we needed at the end of a long week

Time for a little bit of the fabulous Harry Hill, this TV Burp moment which has just gone viral after it was shared by @JamesAHogg2, who is something of a master at unearthing this sort of vintage gem.

Well, we say vintage, it wasn’t that long ago.

But it’s an all-time classic from a show that was full of them.

That’s better.

‘I really miss his nonsense! ‘

‘If ever a show needed to come back it’s this. It’s just hilarious.’

Which always reminds us of why he gave it up, as explained in this fabulous Guardian ‘How we made’ piece.

While we’re here, courtesy of this @harrisonjbrock thread a while back …

And also!

And if it’s put you in the mood for a bit more TV Burp, there’s a whole lot more here.

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