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‘Every Episode of Grand Designs’ hilariously nails all those tropes that make the show so special

We absolutely love a bit of Grand Designs.

It’s not just seeing the change from bare field or old barn to spectacular modern home that gives it that magic touch, but more the brutal honesty and scepticism of Kevin McCloud – plus the pitfalls that crop up with alarming regularity.

It’s mostly the pitfalls.

Actor, writer and comedian George Lewis has beautifully captured the essence of Grand Designs in this very funny TikTok. See for yourselves.

@georgelewiscomedian Eveey episode of Grand Designs #granddesigns #kevinmccloud #ukcomedy #funny ♬ original sound – George Lewis

“We’ve got no experience so we’re going to project manage it ourselves, do a lot of the work ourselves – gonna annoy the real builders ourselves.”

Yep. That’s definitely on the bingo card. TikTok users totally got it.

John is a part time llama breeder and his wife is a cleaner. Their budget is 2.5 million.

I love Grand Designs & Kevin McCloud – but this was brilliant- spot on especially ‘ by jove they’ve done it.

Grand Designs, Grand Designs, starts out fine, but then: Caravan. Pregnancy. Snow.
Kim Nolan

The last few series have been great because you can see march 2020 coming to ruin their plans.

Flavia is pregnant haha. EVERY TIME. 6.2 MIL. Love this.

It’s the extra budget from nowhere for me, every time!

Ah the old Eco materials that have to be shipped 600 miles in 4 Diesel Trucks and 2 Ferries.

I work part time writing online reviews for how baby products taste and my wife is a stay at home mom who likes to knit. we have a budget of 13mil.

I honestly think the show runners pick the most delusionally ambitious boomers with just enough money to get it done but enough to ruin their lives.
Marcus A.T

No-one never ever needs to watch an episode of Grand Designs again …thank you for your service.

speckleoflaura went on a voyage of self-discovery.

I just realised that Grand Designs is my Roman Empire.

While AJ remembered a really unfortunate episode of the show.

I still think about the one where GD went back years later and it still wasn’t finished, the guy was broke and his wife had left him.

You should follow George for a lot more great content, and you can also hear him with the wonderful Jake Lambert on their weekly podcast, Save It For The Podcast


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