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It looks like this young gorilla is peed off with photographers

It’s a tough life when you’re so cute and gorgeous that people can’t stop taking photographs – or so we’ve heard – and this young female gorilla has clearly had enough of life in front of the lens.

Could have done it anywhere else…
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That’s a strong message, to be fair. We wonder what gets the smell of gorilla pee off shoes.

I’m no biologist. But I’m betting that was intentional.

Hey bro you look pissed off, let me do the opposite of that.

If he has dogs at home, they’re gonna be sniffing his shoes a lot.

I’m impressed, that aim got surgical precision! XD.

Substantial-walk333 went definitive

I’m a wildlife biologist, that was intentional.

Guess act of dominance?

Probably. When I was researching bats in Nicaragua, my peers who went out to study the howler monkeys nearby got pissed on and shit thrown at them.

We’ll leave the last word to Victor_Paul_

Rise of the planet of the apes!


“I just got mooned by a gorilla”

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