US elections self-owns

The forensic smackdown of this American conservative’s ‘evidence’ of electoral bungling was simply magnificent

Late in the day we know but we’ve just found our favourite comeback of the week.

It’s an America conservative – a Turning Point Action Field Rep no less! – who went on Twitter to throw shade at her local election officials after she received two mail-in ballots.

And we’re very glad she did because it prompted a local election official, Stephen Richer, to respond on Twitter with a response that was unfailingly polite and magnificently brutal.

‘When election officials are officially done with your BS,’ said jb4realz who shared it over on Reddit.


And here are our favourite things people said about it.

‘I know it seems a little snarky. But it’s great to see a government employee who is taking the opportunity to educate and fight the misinformation that election fraud is prevalent by highlighting what they do to prevent it.’

‘Actually, it looks like you tried to commit voting fraud. Here’s why it won’t work.’

‘Thanks for tagging me, the guy in charge of voting. Here’s why you’re wrong and might go to jail, and you’re a fool for trying to mislead people.’

‘Republicans continue to be shocked to discover there are very good systems in place to prevent voter fraud that are slightly more advanced than armed rednecks standing around polling sites glaring at volunteers.’

‘Killed with kindness. I like it.’

‘Even when the conservatives try really, really hard, they can’t help but to own themselves.’

Source Reddit u/jb4realz