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A train company was no help for a customer’s mobile problem and this A++ response was sheer perfection

To the trains now, and the particular problem faced by customer @jackfifield who had his ticket on his phone, as many of us do these days, and was worried his mobile was about to run out of juice.

And you probably might not be overwhelmingly surprised to find out that @northernassist were unable to live up to the second bit of their name. The assist bit.

There was no shortage of people who joined in to help try to find a solution to the problem, like this person.

And this person.

And all to no avail.

Jack, the original customer who asked the question, had a few more entirely reasonable thoughts.

But the best exchange – surely the absolutely very best – was this.

And here it is again, just in case it’s tricky to see in full.

Well worth the return journey.

And like all the best stories, this one had a happy ending. Nothing to do with a train operator though. Last word to @jackfifield.

Source @jackfifield @carbdiem