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The unfortunate but hilarious result of following a TikTok burrito recipe has gone wildly viral

Over on TikTok, healthy eating account Stealth Health Life shared a recipe and walkthrough for cheesesteak burritos.

Check it out.

@stealth_health_life Macro-Friendly Cheesesteak Burritos Per burrito (makes 10) 390 cals 34g Protein 29g Carbs 13g Fat Store frozen and reheat by microwaving for 2-3 minutes and you have one of the easiest and tastiest high protein snacks you can get Ingredients: 3 red bell peppers 3 poblanos 4 jalapeños 1 large onion 1 tablespoon minced garlic Pinch of salt 24oz Skirt steak* Salt & pepper to taste *trimmed lean of most exterior fat. You can also easily sub in chicken for an even leaner/lower calorie dish, or use lean ground beef 400g blended cottage cheese 80g low fat mozzarella 40g parmigiano reggiano Garlic, pepper, chili powder 10 burrito sized tortillas (I use @eatcounter protein tortillas) I recommend weighing the entirety of the filling on a scale, and simply dividing by 10 to get the quantity needed per burrito. It usually is ~2 large spoonfuls or 160g — I post hundreds of free recipes here, but if you want to support me or just want an easier/more convenient way to follow my recipes) – make sure to check out my cookbooks in my bio (I have 2!) "Stealth Health Meal Prep" – Over 100 of my best, most indulgent, high protein meal prep recipes including: Chicken Fried Rice, Chipotle Burrito Bowls, 15+ variations of my famous Meal Prep Protein Burritos… and many more! "Stealth Health Originals" – 100+ of the classic "Stealth Health" recipes that started it all, including: Crispy Chicken Sandwiches, 10+ Protein Pizza recipes, Homemade Protein Bagels, Brownie Batter Overnight Oats… and many more! #stealthhealth #macrofriendly #flexibledieting #cheesesteak #burritorecipe #burritomealprep #proteinburrito #cheesesteakburrito #mealprep #highproteinmealprep ♬ original sound – Stealth Health Life

That looks very tempting. What wasn’t quite so mouth-watering was what happened when one person tried to follow the instructions.

@mfingchad #stitch with @Stealth Health Life ♬ original sound – Chad

Chad@mfingchad‘s – video has been viewed more than 20 million times in a week, picking up over two million likes and almost 17 thousand comments, including these, which contain the occasional bit of NSFW language.

Where’d they go?
Matt b

Shriveled to fuckin dust this dude fucked me over.

I love that your sink is clean and you stack your sponges neatly.

I do things by the book and that’s what fucked me here unfortunately.

That looks like the confetti at the end of a concert.
Bruno’s Mom

Shoulda tried 800 degrees for 20 minutes.
Curious Mouse

That’s cremation instructions yo!!!!

I didn’t know I needed a laugh like this one. He robbed you!

You didn’t check it at some point? Sorry bro.

All that chopping veggies gone to waste.

Bro I was lookin up YouTube videos how to chop the bell pepper u got no idea.

I made this same recipe (and I covered the whole pan) and the same exact thing happened to me. I was TIGHT.
Olivia Ragusa

I would have done 14 mins to start.

Dude makes a fuckin cookbook thought I could trust em.

I stg this is the funniest video on this app.
Dose of dopamine decor

This is why I don’t cook. I follow directions to the T & this is how it comes out every time.

Give this man his $8.

In fact, Stealth Health Life sent Chad not 8 but 24 dollars and some advice.

Every time I comment on your
video it gets buried - I sent
u $24 but you gotta use at least
3x the peppers you used in the
video (or use a smaller sheet pan)
- run it back with a sequel & I'll
pay u if it happens again
Also the cook time on the chorizo
Mac was different bc it was half
the veggies quantity + they got
slow cooked for multiple hours
after w everything else
Also you're funny as fuck keep
doing what your doing

Man I am cryin laughing at this
message right now. Thank you for
making it right and for being a
good sport I'm glad I wasn't
making an enemy out of you, it's
all in good fun. I will take that
money you sent and I'll pick
another recipe of yours or make
the same one and try again I
appreciate you brother!

Chad hasn’t tried the recipe again yet, or hasn’t shared what happened. Give him a follow if you want to know how he gets on, and follow Stealth Health Life for more recipes …but use the right amount of veg.


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