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This ‘pretend tiny restaurant’ is absolutely the loveliest and most ingenious thing you’ll see this week

It’s been a long week – especially for those among us with a fondness for photoshop – and this little gem of an idea is exactly what we needed at the end of it.

It’s an idea shared by someone who is trying to eat out less and it’s just so lovely and ingenious, we can’t stop looking at it (tell us it’s not just us, pur-lease!)

Here is that menu up close (ish) and in full.

And also!

The person who shared it – @madisommelier – describes themselves as ‘Manhattans youngest (and prettiest) Sommelier’ so knows a thing or two about this sort of thing.

And it turned out it wasn’t just us who adored it, with no end of love for the idea on Twitter. Here are our favourite things people said about it.

5-star reviews all round!

To conclude …

Source @madisommelier