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A men’s clothing expert had the perfect response to this shameless homophobia from Andrew Tate and one of his fans

Andrew Tate‘s whole persona is based around being hyper-masculine.

The former kickboxer, now known as a misogynistic influencer or ‘the accused’, has some very strong opinions about what women should be allowed to do, and is no great fan of men showing empathy. Like the scene in this image …

@EndWokeness tweet. 
Male politicians wearing pink high heels to end domestic abuse is the most Canadian thing to ever happen

We know he wasn’t a fan of the Canadian politicians wearing high heels to highlight the need to end violence against women because he jumped straight to homophobia.


Good to see he’s upholding his usual standards of maturity and decency. His comment received a barrage of criticism.

Menswear writer and critic Derek Guy spotted a glaring irony.

Now, we’re very much of the opinion that people can wear anything they like, providing it’s legal, but Derek’s post hung a ‘hypocrite’ sign on Tate – and Twitter/X was here for it.








However, when one of Tate’s uncritical fanboys stepped up to try and clap back, Derek burnt him too – with receipts.

@ProudAmericanTN tweet - 
Is it any gayer than worrying what another man wears?

Derek Guy tweet - 
I don't know. Is it?
With a screenshot of two tweets by the other man, both accusing men of wearing women's clothes.

Shot – chaser!

This is very good advice.

Follow Derek for style tips and to see him eviscerate trolls.


The unexpected payoff to this tale of a guy who tucked his woolly jumper in his trousers is simply magnificent

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