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An American challenged people to name a better breakfast and these Brits’ comebacks were simply delicious

Time now to return to the always entertaining cultural divide between the United States and, well, pretty much anywhere else.

But in this case it was the contrasting tastes in breakfast between Americans and the British which caught our attention after the stateside culinary account Food Porn posted this.

Now, just in case – like us – you’re not too familiar with this particular concept of biscuits and gravy, here’s a bit of what the Washington Post said about it.

‘Read the words “biscuits and gravy,” and an image of flaky, buttery biscuits topped with a decadent, sausage-studded cream gravy comes to mind.

‘You can find some version of the dish served in diners and cafes, food trucks, fast-food outlets and even white-tablecloth restaurants the nation over — not just in the South, its birthplace. If you have any doubts about the dish’s ubiquity, just look in the frozen foods aisle of your local grocery store.

‘The indulgent meal, beloved by people from all walks of life, is now ingrained in the fabric of America’s breakfast and brunch culture.’

But the reason we’re here is because the challenge was gladly accepted. By around half the population of the UK, by the looks of it, and these Brits’ comebacks were particularly delicious.