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Rishi Sunak just got a phone-in caller’s name wrong in the funniest way possible and we can’t stop watching

Another day, another Rishi Sunak political masterclass, this time when he decided to talk to the people direct on Nick Ferrari’s LBC breakfast show.

What could possibly go wrong, you might think?

Well, he could get the name of the phone-in caller right for a start. And the PM (at the time of writing) didn’t just get it wrong, he got it wrong in the funniest way possible.

Has there ever been a PM less fit to be PM? Don’t answer that, Liz Truss.

And if you’re thinking it immediately reminded people of a certain local radio DJ and primetime BBC1 magazine show presenter, you’d be absolutely right.

And it took us all the way to this from back in the day.

In two words …

Source @AdamBienkov