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You don’t have to be a Labour voter to appreciate this former Tory MP’s magnificent letter about Conservative attacks on Angela Rayner

Newspaper letter of the week is surely this, sent by former Conservative MP Nick Boles to the Times about the Tory party’s attacks on Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner.

Rayner is being investigated by police to see if she has committed a crime involving the sale of her council house nine years ago and whether she properly declared her main residence.

Keir Starmer’s number two has said she is confident she has followed the rules at all times but it is predictably the only thing the Daily Mail can think about right now.

And if you needed a response to all of that, look no further than Boles’ letter which went viral on Twitter for reasons which will become obvious.

And here it is again in full, via @MrPMHarrison.

And here are just a few of the many things people were saying about it.

Source @MrPMHarrison @mikegalsworthy