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This man’s certainty that he could handle leg wax without showing emotion came unstuck really quickly

A clip of @_ap26‘s attempt to wax his leg while showing no emotion – like that was ever going to happen – has gone viral all over again thanks to this reaction stitch.

If you haven’t seen this before, you’re in for a treat. If you have – you’re still in for a treat, but you know what’s coming.

@jasmyna84 @_ap26 Still get my laughing soo hard wax on / wax off #waxing #funny #fukedup #jasmyna84 #4youpage #yourpage #foryourpage #onthisday ♬ original sound – Jasmyna

Like Jasmyna, TikTok had no sympathy at all.

And that’s just leg wax … what about childbirth hahaha men

I’m laughing because this is the exact emotions and facial expressions I do when waxing myself – instant regret.
Shannon Morgan

And legend says he still wears this wax strip to this day.

No emotions. Sorry bro, you made us men look baaaad.
Dina Maghreb

It’s probs worse since your hair has to be a certain length to wax. If his leg hair was long, no one can save him.

And that my son is one of the LESS PAINFUL zones.
Francesco Nappo

I love how his voice shot up to soprano with every pull!

I always wondered what no emotion looked like.

He forgot to warm it in his hands! That makes all the difference! DO IT AGAIN FAM!!

I’m a MAN I got this whahahahaha.

The grin I was grinning before he even started.

I bet he went to A&E.

Not quite. Here’s what happened next.

@_ap26 Told you guys 0 emotions #fyp #foryou #fypシ #tiktok #for ♬ original sound – _ap26

That’s a life lesson learnt.

Tigra Evel had a suggestion.

Now I think we all need to do a response video of us waxing,showing him what 0 emotion really look like.

We’ll leave that to somebody else.


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Source _ap26 H/T @jasmyna84 Image Screengrab