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The way this harpist dealt with an outrageously entitled passer-by had the entire internet cheering

We don’t call people ‘Karens’ anymore for reasons we won’t bother going into here.

But if anyone was going to make us break our self-imposed embargo, then it was surely this Kare …. sorry, outrageously entitled passer-by who took time out from whatever she was doing to harangue this harpist and her beautiful playing.

We don’t know if it was the possibility that @robyn.hearts.harp might make a pound or two, or give people a little bit of unexpected pleasure that got her goat so much. But it really is quite the watch.

And the way @robyn.hearts.harp dealt with it was just magnificent.

@robyn.hearts.harp Not again!! ‍♀️ #funny #karen #fyp #LIVEhighlights #TikTokLIVE #LIVE #rude #begging #harp #harpist #busker #livestream #ootd #weird #music #musician ♬ original sound – Robyn.Hearts

Here it is again on Twitter, just in case that’s tricky to watch.

10/10, no notes!

And here are just a few of the many, many things people said about it.